How Socially Intelligent Are You?

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Take this test made by Harvard University and post your results. The following is mine.

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Make me.

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31 out of 36. I usually do better, but I'm tired and my room is dark at the moment.

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o god not taking

guessing i get roughly 9/36 b/c average of randomly picking

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i got 21 out of 36, alot of the faces looked the same, i got tired of doing the test so i rushed through the end.

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Scored 29

Being able to judge someones mood from a poor quality B&W photo of just their eyes doesn't scream 'social intelligence' to me

Anyone want to explain the reasoning?

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30/36. Most of them were reasonable questions. I liked it.

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30/36. Not bad I guess.

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no way

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20 and don't believe it .... most of the eyes are too european (boring) ..... no blacks, australian aborigine, Pakistani, Arabic or Chinese ..

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I remember doing this type of test before. I'm pretty sure I did worse this time around.

Whatevs, it's late and I have yet to sleep.

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Such tests can be found within EQ tests - I took one a few months back for a senior sales role (reading the person opposite being integral to a successful sales process blah etc). I thought I did well - nailed it. In the 'reading emotion' part though I scored precisely zero, and overall within the bottom 10%, i.e. complete emotional retard. Social Intelligence I guess is a rough term for effectively being street wise - reading situations etc.

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got a 28/36

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"Your exposure to Caucasians may have affected your score". O_O

I'm white and live in a white majority city in a very white majority state. Either this is bullshit or I suck at recognizing emotions. I'll just go with the latter, fuck it.

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Better than I thought I'd get

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30/36. This is good I guess...

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29. Not too bad, but I'm going to have to agree their should be some ethnic diversity in the test, or a test for each ethnicity.

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I got a 27.

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31 out of 36. Of course I think there's more to understanding people's expressions than just the eyes

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28 out of 36

"your exposure to Caucasian faces might also have affected your score."

Thanks a bunch, honkies

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26/36 which said it was average.

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I got 30/36

Not bad :)

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15. I have prosopagnosia though.

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Kind of a silly test. The rest of the face is important too, and the options they give have significant overlap. I mean, people can't even agree on whether there is more than four emotions, yet there are at least a dozen options on this test. I found the tests developed by Dr Paul Ekman to be more useful.

Also, this test did not show a main effect of gender. If we were to repeat the experiment using whole-body nonverbal communication I suspect that the results would differ.

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I like how whenever anyone posts a test- if a user gets a bad score, there is an excuse.

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I got a 30.

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I got a 25 which is pretty good considering I don't make eye contact nearly as much as I should.

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27 out of 36. Not to bad I guess.