FXX to Air All 552 Simpsons Episodes in One Marathon

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That's almost enough of a reason to watch FXX.

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That's almost a 12 day marathon. Crazy.

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FXX? Never heard of it. I've heard of FX though...

EDIT: It turns out I get the channel.

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@The-Apostle: The only thing noteworthy about the channel is that Always Sunny was moved there from FX, which I think is going to kill the show.

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Will there be a prize for surviving the marathon without sleeping?

For those who do not realize my disinterest of that marathon, I will say it.

I am more interested in that app the writer of that article reported. A twenty-six-year archive sounds good. It is not because it is The Simpsons that it is good; that positivity is generated by the idea television shows have a future beyond television.

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@BranKetra: hell yea, instant Simpsons? consider my interest piqued.

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@BranKetra: hell yea, instant Simpsons? consider my interest piqued.

I edited my post, so I will reiterate some of what I wrote. The Simpsons is definitely a good show to have over five hundred episodes and so many people will be watching on FXX and via the app once it is available, but the really interesting thing about this is the twenty-six-year archive for it. It probably will act as an incentive for aspiring show makers to create something of good quality so it can be preserved.

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That is 12+ days of continuos watchingo_O Simpsons is old dang:-P

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Yeah, heard about this a couple of days ago. Too bad I don't get FXX.

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Its vacation time for FXX' employees

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Aye carumba!

Wish we had that channel here.

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Well I guess I won't be leaving my house for a while. Better stock up on food. I'm on vacation in August too. Aw snap

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If I had cable and time off, I'd sit through the first 5-6 seasons for sure.

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552 episodes, that's 276 hours with commercials, that would take 11.5 days straight, back to back episodes

damn, that's some marathon

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$750m is a lot for this. Also I thought Fox owns FX?