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Ok so I just got done watching some YouTube video and also an episode of some anthology series and in the YouTube video this guy posed a question. But before I get to that I want to mention that the other show I watched deals with this man who wants to secretly clone himself so that he can fake his own death. Only he is charged with the murder of the clone. But none if that is here nor there.

So back go the YouTube thing.

Let's say the scientists find a way to produce synthetic human meat. Now this meat isn't from a clone or a person. The meat is created as only the raw meat and did not come from a living entity.

So the question is, would you eat this synthetic human meat?

If so, any recipes you would like to share?

Questions, comments, hopes, dreams, concerns?

Also back to the tv show. Have you ever wanted to fake your death?

Would you murder your clone to do so?

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Vamos Rafa!

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Sounds like a good way to deal with cannibals, this way they don't have to kill humans for human meat.

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Probably wouldn't, but I wouldn't say never.

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Such a thing already exists. It's called a 'McDonald's hamburger'.

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Ahh, well I guess if somebody served it, I wouldn't want to be rude. On the other question, your damn Skippy I'd kill my clone. He's probably a douche.

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Eagerly await season 3

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@dave123321 said:

Eagerly await season 3

Not sure I've ever been so eager for a new season of something to start given that finale.