Do you ever keep in touch with your exs?

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Have you ever sent them a message or call to say hi and check up on how they're doing in life?

Not to get back with them at all but just to keep the peace and have no bad blood.

Or do you just prefer to let sleeping dogs lie?

What do you prefer to do and why?

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I'd say the main relationships i've had i never see them or speak to them, but i do speak to 2 girls who i had a thing with, but we were friends first and for me it just wouldn't work as more than friends and i still keep in touch, my mrs isn't massively pleased but you know there mates from way back and we still have a friendship and at the end of the day friends are for life. saying that and i been with my mrs now for 5 and a half years we live together and have a little girl lol

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Only when i want a quick relapse of hooking up and then going our separate ways again.

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The last one told me to lose her number and cursed me out. Yet is still friends w/ my sister on social networks. I try not to think of it. The break up was in August; I'm waiting for January to look for a new g/f. Right now I'm coping with GTA V.

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I have talked to my Exs on facebook a little. They have "liked" and commented on my wedding pics and things as well. They are all married and or have kids now. Its been almost 7 years since my last ex and over 10 since the one before that.

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lol i've never even had a gf....

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@ShepardCommandr said:

lol i've never even had a gf....


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Yep. I'm still pretty good friends with one of them. She has a new bf of 3 years now since we dated. There is no bad blood between us and we still get together every once in a while to catch up.

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All of them (3), actually. Well, not anymore but that hasn't anything to do with our past relationship. After the break we held contact, we just lived apart over the years, like friends sometimes do.

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Nope. Don't see the point.

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Yes I do with my last ex. Our relationship never got serious in the first place, so no hard feelings. We still hang out from time to time.

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Only one. He's still my friend and we hug and catch up when we see each other. After I broke up with him we didn't talk for a long time though.

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I can't see anything good coming out of it.

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I do not

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@ShepardCommandr said:

lol i've never even had a gf....

Same here.

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Don't really have bad blood with any of my exes and occasionally I will check up on them.

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I send them various dead animals from time to time, but nothing too intimate.

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I tried for a while, but it just got too ridiculous

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It's best not to keep in contact with them at all.

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Do my best to avoid them. I Personally hate relationships, so the exes that i do have were relationships where the attraction was too strong to say no. Have learned from experience by now that even after a while, when both have moved on, sparks tend to fly again on both sides which usually spells trouble.

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with one. we share a very special bond, we just had different paths in life.

my current gf hates it, but she's still a teen so hopefully she'll grow out of the whole jealousy thing.

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Occasionally, but with no intention. It's just because I've been thinking about them. Plus, I'm married anyway, I don't see the harm in checking in. Since some of them had a significant impact on my life...

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Not really. My last girlfriend and I left on decent terms, but I lost her number very shortly after and just fell out of touch with her. I was kinda thinking of looking her up on facebook, but it has been several years so I'm not sure if that would seem weird.

@picklesurprise said:

I send them various dead animals from time to time, but nothing too intimate.


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Not really. I got Facebook information for certain girls I have dated, though.

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@GazaAli said:

I can't see anything good coming out of it.

casual sex.

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uhm.. Still talk to maybe a couple but for the most part those bridges burned ...burned bad....

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@VaguelyTagged said:

@GazaAli said:

I can't see anything good coming out of it.

casual sex.

eh I don't know. I'm under the impression that we're talking about serious past relationships since there is nothing stopping you from keeping in touch with people from past non-serious relationships or flings. That aside, I don't think casual sex is worth the drama and emotional scars that come along digging up past relationships that didn't work.

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After getting married, I have not kept in touch with any of my exs. Exs need to be kept at a safe distance since their motives are never in my favor. All Exs do is cause drama.

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I have 5 ex'es. 2 of them hate me to death, the other 3 I still keep in touch and we're great friends.

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I don't like that idea.

Maybe if I was married; I can see myself still conversing with my ex-wife, but some college chick? No.

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Fuck that.

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I don't talk to lefty ever since the groin injury.

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My ex girlfriend was broken in two :( She was a broom stick from the pound shop.

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