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#1 Posted by iloverikku11 (11039 posts) -

Well, after waiting practically a year for my favourite sitcom to return, that was probably the worst episode they have ever done. All the plots felt forced and not a single laugh in the entire 20 minutes.

So, what do you guys think, is this show done?

#2 Posted by drufeous (2535 posts) -

Crap. Haven't watched it yet. I had high hopes for it too.

#3 Posted by Hallenbeck77 (14494 posts) -

 The studio fired the show's creator, Chevy Chase has quit the show, the premiere was pushed back from October to tonight...this is gotta be the season where the network finally pulls the plug after these episodes air.  It's been on borrowed time for the longest now.

#4 Posted by dave123321 (34202 posts) -
Not down for the count
#5 Posted by SaintLeonidas (26470 posts) -
Wasn't a fan. Really doesn't even feel like its old self.
#6 Posted by JML897 (33128 posts) -
It felt like it was trying too hard at times to prove that it was like the "old" show but it just wasn't the same. At the same time I'm willing to give the new show a shot, hopefully it's just growing pains. I don't expect it to last past this season either way.
#7 Posted by layton2012 (3653 posts) -
I watched it, and tried to watch without thinking about the fact Dan Harmon left, and it wasn't bad, it wasn't as good as old Community, but it was not the worst episode of the series, it was far from Remedial Chaos Theory, but it was better than most if the crap on TV these days. It just felt as they were trying to mimic Dan Harmon's community, while they should be trying to make it good. Megan Ganz is writing next weeks Halloween episode, so I feel tomorrow should give a better idea what the rest of the season is going to be like. If you watch it thinking about the act that Dan Harmon left, you are asking to be dissapointed. I watched it, trying not to compare it to older episode, and I enjoyed it.
#8 Posted by lamprey263 (24475 posts) -
I stopped watching when they got spotty with new episodes, then when I did finally watch one some kid is in plumbing school and I'm like "damn I must have missed a lot" and I've not bothered since and I don't really miss it.
#9 Posted by Allicrombie (25341 posts) -
never watched it, i'm extremely picky with TV lately.
#10 Posted by IdioticIcarus (2242 posts) -
It just didn't feel like Community. I didn't really like this episode (I don't think it is the worst Community episode thus far, though). But I'm not giving up on it. I'm still interested to see how the series goes.
#11 Posted by Sharpie125 (3904 posts) -

It was not good. Couldn't help but feel as if it was a parody of old Community, completely lacking the charm and wit. I laughed at a few things, but I wouldn't be surprised if those were mostly improv by Donald Glover or Gillian Jacobs. I saw a clip of next week's ep on Fallon, and I was really unimpressed. 

But Parks and Rec is still as strong as ever, and The Office is a lot better this season than the last couple.