Brandon Howard is Michael Jacksons True Son?

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There is a rumor that Brandon "B" Howard is the latest (or earliest) addition to the Michael Jackson family. Brandon had some DNA samples taken out of him unaware that they were going to be used to see if he was related to the late MJ. I am not sure if the results are in yet, judging from the video the results are not out but, I had read some articles stating that Michael is 99.999% matched with his DNA. What do you guys think about this?

Personally, I feel that even if MJ is proven to be his biological father, he is no way his "dad". He was raised by another man that he calls his dad so ultimately, this young man does not owe Michael and his family a thing. Michael never even acknowledged having another son. Michael pretty much abandoned his own in this case which really sucks. I didn't really believe the news until I saw this video and saw Howard for the first time. The resemblance to Michael is UNCANNY! His voice, face and overall appearance just grab at you and scream Michael. If MJ is not his real father, I am still baffled at how much he looks like the King of Pop.

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All Black people looks the same

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so .... answer is no

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♫But, but Brandon Howard is not my son♫

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He said he's not his son...