Are you one of those Die-Hard Sports fan who has a fit when your team loses?

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Posted by mrduckbears3 (104 posts) 5 months, 26 days ago

Poll: Are you one of those Die-Hard Sports fan who has a fit when your team loses? (16 votes)

Yes..i admit i will go ballistic if my team lost. 31%
Yes but only if i gone to see a game live and paid for it 0%
No, it's just a sports game. No need to get pissy about it 56%
No i hate sports 13%

let's see if anyone here is one of those people. and i'm sure you know those types, the ones who riot, smash things or steal. thus proving that sports is nothing but a holdover from the neanderthal days.

#1 Posted by Storm_Marine (10766 posts) -

I don't watch or care about sports. :/ I went to a hockey game in Toronto once that that was it.

#2 Posted by dave123321 (33339 posts) -

What you got against sports

#3 Posted by ferrari2001 (16677 posts) -

I don't throw a fit but I'm extremely upset when the Chiefs lose. You should have seen me last season.

#4 Posted by Ring_of_fire (15620 posts) -

No, I do not. I think it is incredibly silly to get that emotionally attached to a sport/team.

#5 Posted by 36Ounces (2062 posts) -

Yea I do. I'm real bad when it comes to College Football. Punched holes in doors an ripped them off the hinges before. Just can't control myself with my sports teams haha.

#6 Posted by Aljosa23 (24297 posts) -

Not a "fit" but it ruins my day lol.

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#9 Posted by 4myAmuzumament (1743 posts) -

it wouldn't be healthy since I'm a Cowboys fan, so no.

#10 Posted by Braun_Roid_Rage (701 posts) -

it wouldn't be healthy since I'm a Cowboys fan, so no.

lol word.

#11 Posted by johnd13 (7803 posts) -

I don't really care tbh. When my team scores a goal it'll make my mood for a while but after the game is over I'm done with it. Heck even if my team won the championship I wouldn't really give a damn.

Only case I can get attached to the game, is when my national football team plays an important match like a World Cup game or sth.

#12 Posted by jasean79 (2202 posts) -

I like to see them win, sure and it's upsetting when they blow it especially in an important game like the playoffs. But, I'm not like those Philly Eagles fans that riot within their own stadium when the opposing teams score touchdowns. Those fans are psycho.

It's just a game, and one that I had no part in. So, why should I be upset if they lose?

#13 Posted by Praisedasun (444 posts) -

I won't be angry,but I will be sad.

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Wow WTF did I just watch I'm absolutely speechless. What in the fucking world is wrong with these people? This is clinically insane.

Sometimes I feel privileged that I did not grow up in a first world state. I'd have run the risk of turning up remotely like this.

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If that leaves you speechless then you must be easily impressionable. Do you even know what clinically insane mean?

Too bad this only happen with first world fans. *coughsoccercough*

#16 Posted by Master_Live (13614 posts) -

And yeah, I can get pretty angry and/or sad when the Yankees lose.

#17 Posted by redstorm72 (4507 posts) -

Sometimes. If I am at home by myself watching the game and the Habs are getting trounced, then I will probably swear at the TV and possibly throw the TV remote at the chair in disgust. In public though I just show mild disappointment.

#18 Posted by sammyjenkis898 (27936 posts) -

And yeah, I can get pretty angry and/or sad when the Yankees lose.

You must get angry/sad often.

I feel your pain

#19 Posted by DaBrainz (7604 posts) -

I don't have a fit but it definitely ruins my week when the Lions lose.

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#21 Posted by tocool340 (20415 posts) -

Yes, yes I am. Took me a week to finally get over the fact that Da Bears defense pretty much hand Green Bay that fawking game! Look at me! I'm getting pissed off all over again!...

#22 Posted by bowchicka07 (1069 posts) -

No... Pro sports are vastly overrated.

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@Aljosa23 said:

Not a "fit" but it ruins my day lol.

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Yes i do. The most angry i got was in 2006. The Lakers vs Phoenix. Game six of the playoff Lakers were 3-2 in the series and couldve beat them at home but Kwame freaking Brown couldn't get a rebound and Tim freaking Thomas made that dagger three pointer. I was pissed.

#25 Posted by LittleMac19 (1638 posts) -

Not really, but seeing the Rangers blow it against the Cardinals a couple of year ago made my blood boil a little bit.