What Android Game are You Playing?

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I'm relatively new to tablet gaming. So, most games I play will probably be old hat to many here.

What's surprising to me is considering how easy it is to capture screenshots from Android games, I have yet to see a screenshot thread for Android here.

Temple Run 2

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I was playing Castle Clash. It was fun attacking people and stealing resources. I had to delete it though. I didn't enjoying waiting for a day to finish a single upgrade. And money makes you a winner.

Now I'm playing Chess Time. it's multi-platform, so you can play against IOS and Windows users as well as Android users.

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I've been playing a lot of Punch Quest and Elder Sign Omens.

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Real Racing 3
Level: 68

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Chaos Rings! Was lucky that I got two of the games for sale. SE games are so pricey.

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Word games, thinking games. The Logos Quiz and 4-Pic games for memory, riddle games for problem-solving, and Figure O'Speech.

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I'm playing Kingdom Rush Frontier. I just beat the game, but I'm trying to unlock all the unlockables. I kinda wish you could get the other heroes without purchasing them.

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i'm playing magnus ignis

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I'm playing Reign of Dragons by Drecom. It takes about a week to develop a decent deck. It's free to play, but the cash shop is outrageous.

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Right now I'm playing Plants vs Zombies 2. Can't put it down urgh.

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I'm playing Mr Bloc