T-Mobile to free up Music streaming services

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Not sure if this is posted, but golly gee, T-Mobile has done a great job of marketing and gaining ground, and surpassed Sprint in terms of quality and service in the U.S. and now they're offering people to vote on which popular Music streaming service to be free without charging over data.

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I'm always with Verizon, but I do wish they can do what T-Mobile is doing

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T-Mobile is a great company unlike at&t and sprint

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Unfortunately it doesn't do anything for us T-Mobile customers who already have unlimited data. Their free Rhapsody offer is only for customers who pay for a very specific unlimited plan. The rest of the unlimited customers don't benefit from it in anyway. Although it's still great that T-mobile are introducing these incredible deals for some their customers. It shows they try to put customers first, and their service continues to get better and better. I'm glad I moved away from Sprint.