Just bought a note 3 but I still prefer the note 1

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I just prefer the shape of it the round edges and 4 buttons were much better I was able to hold it better and even in one hand. I only upgraded because the battery was terrible it wouldn't even last the entire day. Worst of all I lose out on my custom rom features omg I miss my volume rocker to change songs option and the back button kill switch I spent an hour deleting a bunch of the samsung bloatware on it and rooting it. I simply hate the rectangle design what do you guys think?

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Really? Had mine since day 1 (gn3) and loving it. Flawless

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I have used both the Note 1 and Note 3.. I love the Note 3.. its faster and better performance when comes to the pen. And so many features for the Pen.. That it makes sense to have a pen now in Note 3 rather then Note 1. I hardly used the pen on Note 1

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@warbluc: so basically you only like the shape better and the front buttons? Understandable. I like the clean look of the 3. The lack of curves makes it look like a brick, but I like it though.

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@kemar7856: I was going to get the Note 3 but I can't spend that kind of money. I read that the processor in the Note 4 is 2.3 GHZ. Pretty damn fast if you ask me. My phone is a 1.5 GHZ which is ok. My question to you is what games do you recommend for the LG Optimus F7? I know there is a game called real boxing but I don't think it's available for my phone.