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Yes, an older model. I've been told I need a new phone. My current phone is some hand-me-down Samsung "smart" phone with a keyboard, from 2007/8. To be honest, I was really looking into getting an iPhone, and to be honest again, I still am after reading about the very short charging time. But anyways I'm likely getting this phone for now, again, as a hand-me-down. I guess my question is whether or not it is still relevant. I believe it's two years old. Will it still run the newer android OS at decent clips? Will the newer games still run? Anybody have experience with Bluetooth controllers? That steelseries one looks alright--can two of those be used on one phone, for say Marvel vs Capcom? Sorry for all the questions.
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It's a nexus so it is relevent and will run recent versions of android.

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Nexus S runs android jelly bean quite smoothly but dont expect miracles with heavy 3D games. However if you have the sort of phone that you say you have then you will absolutely love the nexus S.

Dont know about using 2 controllers but you sure can use one atleast.

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The Nexus S would be a huge upgrade from what you have. Like gambler said, you won't be playing any heavy 3D games but for general app usage, facebook, twitter, texting etc. the S is still fine. I'd put in on the same league as the iPhone 4. Make sure you instal Jellybean if you don't have it installed already.

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You'd be better off to get something a year newer like the s2. Will cost much the same unless you are looking at a used nexus s.
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If you could squeeze just a bit more to grab the nexus you wouldn't be disappointed at all. Otherwise the nexus s will do just fine.
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It will be a major upgrade over what you have.