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Hi all! I've just released my first causal game for Android! It's called Pig Plummet. \o/

  • Only One-thumb required
  • Platform drop action
  • Collect stars and diamonds
  • Procedurally generated
  • Free
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I'd like to jump at the chance to shamelessly promote our first app in the App Store:



Finz – tap to flap and pass the gap!

A fun game for people of all ages. Easy to handle but hard to master.

Help your finned friend and avoid hitting the columns.

Tap at the right time to either let Fin dive or jump through the gap.

Dive and jump carefully and beat your friends high score!

- Three different characters

- Play at day or night

- Game Center leaderboard and achievement

It's free and can be found here: Finz on the App Store on iTunes

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Hey everyone!

I am glad to introduce our new app "Divine Academy". It will be released at the end of September, 2014. The app will be compatible for both iOS and Android platfotms.

Here is a short description:

We dare you to attend the Divine Academy! In this addictive blend of strategy and city builder you do not just settle your own world; you do it in a captivating setting of the Greek mythology. From the first seconds of the game you will be involved in the intricacies of the gods’ interpersonal relationships. Who will become a new rector of the Divine Academy: caring Jove, cunning Pluto or two-faced Neptune? You are in charge now!

If you want to attend the Academy with your real friends, just do it! Like in your real life you can either help your friends or mess with them! You can also master some magic tricks, control nature forces and if you do it well, you will lead your civilization to prosperity!

Please let us know what you think.

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Get ready to defend the city from the evil alien enemy, survive as long as possible and defeat the aliens which are trying to conquer your city.


Come across with plenty of enemy spaceships and destroy as many bosses as you can


Keep your name as high as possible. By destroying alien's aircrafts, defeating enemy's bosses and also by staying alive as long as possible. You have the opportunity to get the best highscore worldwide and to keep yourself at the first position of the leaderboard.


- 4 player aircrafts

- 6 Weapon level upgrades/power-ups

- Explore varied environments and fly through different weather conditions

- Leaderboard functionality

- Variety of enemies and bosses

- Ability to exchange diamonds for upgrading your shooting level, shield duration, health level, double the points you collect or buy aircrafts.

Google Play Store:

Google Play Store:

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Bomb Noms are fun little creatures who love blowing things up with bombs! Collect them all and battle against people from around the globe in real time multi player fun!

Become the top Bomb Nom trainer in the world!

Download from Google Play Now!


- Over 60 BOMB NOMS TO COLLECT AND BATTLE! New Bomb Noms coming soon!

- REAL TIME MULTIPLAYER ACTION against people from around the world!

- BECOME THE BEST as you battle your way up the leaderboards!

- SHARE YOUR PROGRESS on Facebook! Send gifts to your friends!

- Awesome WEEKLY QUESTS to join! Complete them to win great prizes!

- CUTE AND COLORFUL characters!


- Use the directional controls to move your Bomb Nom around

- Press the Booom! button to place a bomb. Run away, the explosion can blow up your Bomb Nom too!

- Pick up Power Ups to help you win!

- Try to blow up the other players before they get you!

- Beat your opponents 3 matches in a row to win a Tournament!

- Choose any of your Bomb Noms from the collection in the Bomb House! You can even give them a name!


Follow us and get PROMO CODES which unlock FREE coins and SPECIAL Bomb Noms in the game!





Install the game, then tap this link on your phone to UNLOCK FREE COINS inside the game!

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Hi all, we'd like to share a new, original puzzle game that we just published on Appstore. It's a universal iPhone/iPad app.


Don't let the appearances deceive you - this game has a lot more depth to it than your typical jewel-swapping title.

The goal is to clear the board of all the marked tiles. You remove tiles by completing full rows or columns. Add tiles to the board by placing them adjacent to existing tiles, matching their color OR their shape. If a tile doesn't match anywhere on the board, you may skip it.

There are 5 colors and 5 shapes of the tiles, plus the special "blank" tile, which matches every tile, regardless of its appearance. Use the blank tile to fill "holes" in your columns and rows.

The gameplay is virtually endless, if you can keep your lives over zero. You gain lives by completing levels and scoring points. You lose them when making mistakes or when the time runs out. Good luck!


- very intuitive and easy-handled interface, making the game suitable to play in any situation

- casual, relaxing gameplay

- no progress reset after the game is over, you can start a new game on the last level played

- hundreds upon hundreds of levels, giving you countless hours of mind-boggling entertainment

- easy-to-learn, hard-to-master type of gameplay, with a smooth difficulty increase as you progress through the game

- detailed in-game help sections, explaining the game mechanics when needed

- amazing ambient/electronic music, further enhancing the atmosphere of the game

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Hi, im new in mobile game development. This is my first mobile game. Currently only available for Android Only.

I hope u guys enjoy it. Please do give review in play store for improvement.


it is easy to play, just swipe on the arrows that falling by its direction.

swipe it before the whole arrow fall under the white line.

Play Store - Download

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Hi, I am working with my friends on a mobile action combat RPG game.


-Epic boss battles

-Aerial combat


-Fast paced combat

We wanted to create a fast paced robot action game. However, many of us felt that joystick slowed down the action combat so we tried a different input methods for combat. Instead of writing a paragraph, the video below will show you how our combat system works. This is an early alpha gameplay video.

Loading Video...

For additonal information or update check out the links below!

The game is currently planned to be released late October to early November.

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Space Warfare

Old School Space Shooter!

Set in 2128 a faction of rebels has taken claim to new settlements in the universe, creating havoc for peaceful inhabitants. Your job as a private contractor is to "Bring the Rebels to their knees"! if you can handle the waves of enemy's and asteroids.

Google Play:


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Arcade game available on Android. The core gameplay is based on Whack-a-mole, with the added twist of performing combos, linking those combos into chains, and swiping those projectiles these creatures occasionally throw at you. Unlike the usual whack-a-mole games, the "moles" in this game actually fight back! So get your fingers ready for some tappin' and swippin' action!

Download link:


How To Play:

- Touch duendes to catch them

- Swipe incoming projectiles to destroy them

Game Features:

- Stylized HD visuals

- 15 different combos to chain

- 50 levels in arcade mode (more to come!)

- 5 survival mode maps

- Online Leaderboards

- Achievements


If you want a lighter, more casual experience, we have a lighter version too.

Duende! Tap-Tap

This version has no levels and actually plays like a standalone survival mode. The difficulty increases are you accumulate score.

Loading Video...

Our first two games, made by 3 peeps here at Hobbi Games. :)

If you want to get in touch with us, just e-mail me:

You can also follow us on facebook:

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Make a interplanetary travel through the cosmic barriers , move out on speed of light avoiding the obstacles. This experience requires focus, concentration and much agility, not only to travel much as you can, but to maintain your cube intact too.

- each beat your cube and the road are reduced. But don’t worry you will have help ! itens like forcefield and regeneration will help you to keep you in the game.

- wholes of worms will appear for help you, but I challenge you to keep traveling inside his for a long time.

- the game is synchronizing with the google play game services. Win gold medals of honor each level won and show to world your achievements.

Cuberpix 2000 is playable to old style arcade. And if someone in any part of world beat your record, accept the challenge and take place of best traveler !


Please, let me know your opinion about the game!

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AColor is a super fun game which really challenges your color vision!!! Amazingly by using very simple and flatten artwork, this game creates a extremely addictive Time Killer for you. Good eyesight and fast reaction is very important in this game. Before your HP count down to 0, you need to find out a teeny tiny square in a slightly different color. 2 things are needed to play: your eyes and your thumb. It sounds simple but it is really challenging!!! You can also compete with your friends by sharing your score via Facebook and Twitter.

Available modes : Classic and Duet.

Don't remember your eyes protection before playing :) Be prepared and enjoy!!!

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Hi all! Check my new game - Parts Of Picture


Can you find the spots that are hidden in the pictures?

Find the 3 hidden spots as quickly as you can and try not to make mistakes.

A total of 10 levels with fantastic 3D fractals.

Google Play:


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Hi, everybody. We recently released our newest game, Sudoku In Space - on Google Play, the App Store, the Amazon Appstore, and for Windows and Mac. Website with download links:

Sudoku In Space injects a major dose of fun into sudoku with its colorful design, playful graphics, and delightful sounds and music. And its colors-only mode is a brilliant alternative to traditional sudoku with numbers, providing an entertaining twist to both novice and experienced players. Features and highlights include:
- Four difficulty levels: Beginner, Easy, Medium, Hard
- Hundreds of unique puzzles
- Colors-only mode
- Classic mode with numbers
- Relaxing music and stellar sounds
- Intuitive user interface that’s easy to navigate
- Auto-save after every move so you don’t have to worry about interruptions
- Three hints per puzzle to use without penalty
- Step-by-step tutorial

Download and play today! It's FREE on Google Play and the App Store, and only $0.99 on the Amazon Appstore and for Windows and Mac. Thanks!

Shannon Ahn
Napland Games

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This is an innovation of 2048 puzzle game. Thanks to Gabriele Cirulli for this awesome game.

In this version, you have to unlock the tile in time to reveal the hidden pictures. There are two options for the pics : Asian and European

Remember that: the bigger tile you get the hotter pic hide inside ;)

Enjoy it with your buddies :)

Search "cyscenter" in google play store or you can access via this url

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Hello everyone, this is my first android game. I hope you like it.

Police Run is a 2D arcade game with touch screen controls.

Control the car and evade the police to reach the exit before time runs out!

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Hi~ guys.

If you like classic puzzle games. Check this out!

- Pixelo History -

* 1st place as the game of the month in NewGround *

* 3rd place as the game of the month in Kongregate *

* Ranked in Kongregate trendy game introduction menu *

It has a record of 830,000 views on Kongregate at this time.

Pixelo is a stunningly beautiful picross game with many unlockables.

Pixelo is a simple logic puzzle game commonly known as Picross or Pic-a-Pix.

The main goal of Pixelo is to fill out pixels with given clues.


- Over 500 puzzles

- Daily puzzles

- Over 100 badges and prizes which upgrade your abilities and results.

- Many options for your solving style

- Customize puzzle environment

* Background color

* Background animation

* Pixel type

* Background music

- Supports puzzle sizes from 5x5 to 20x20

- Supports two type of controls: virtual pad or finger

- Auto save.

- Statistics for your records

- Supports google play

* XP rank

* Daily records

* Achievement


Loading Video...

Download link. (iOS)

Download link. (Android)

An LITE version also exists (Free) 1/4 of total contents.

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I made a simple easy to pick free mobile game with cute cookie in main role. With easy but addictive concept, you can play it with one or both hands on phones and tablets. Gameplay is somehow familiar to many other touch games with some strategy added. For example, it helps to try to hold your cookie near the middle of the screen, using quick taps to go straighter up, dropping cookie a bit to time your moves etc. Check it out and any feedback will be very appreciated!

Download at Google Play

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Age of Warriors

Developer: GamEver

Publisher: Funcell 123

Platform: iOS



About the game:

Age of Warriors is a 3D mobile game that transports players into the world of Elantra, a mythical land of fantasy and medieval lore.

Age of Warriors combines strategic combat, player guilds, and real-time multiplayer with a free-moving camera and high-quality graphics and sound. It also has seven epic maps waiting for you to explore, and aims to create a mobile RPG experience like no other.

Media Assets

Link to Screenshots:

Link to Video:

Other Useful links:

  • · App Store Link:

(Only available on Canadian App Store for now)

  • · Games specific page:
  • · Facebook page:
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The future of Earth is in your hands. Will you let your home to explode or protect it? Defuse tricky bombs and save the day! Be the next hero that everyone awaits. Five different button types to defuse and 40 challenging and thrilling levels will let you test your skills of multitasking and puzzle solving. Be quick before bomb explodes! 

Download now for free:

Defuser for Windows Phone

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Hi guys!

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Quirky. Unique. Difficult to predict. It is our "Dididodo Defense: Cool Games" – a totally new defense game.

At the beginning, you may find it a usual alien invasion with typical elements: monster, alien, invasion, outer space, war, explosion…

However, 30s later, you will find it actually the best among defense cool games. A unique alien invasion with a variety of quirky factors: super weird alien, super wacky monster, super quirky space, crazy weapons such as eye - grenade, cat - bullet, lamb - cannonball, water bubble - bomb…

Throw, throw, throw, throw. Shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot. Immediately: Boom! Boom! Boom! Booommmmm!!!!! No other defense games can has numerous magic effects which satisfy you more easily.

No doubt. "Dididodo Defense: Cool Games" is the most wonderful and funny alien invasion game you can find on the app store! Download "Dididodo Defense: Cool Games" right now!


• Tap slightly on the war map

• Choose towers you want to drop a bomb or shoot other weapons

• Place them strategically in the path of the monsters to prevent them from reaching the magic "fridge-spaceship"

• Destroy obstacles smartly while killing monsters to get more space and magic rewards

• Remember: Do not let any monster alive!


• Super crazy weapons with a wide range from magic bomb to magic grenade…

• Super fun and mighty towers, monsters

• Awesome visual graphics, a spectacular planet in remarkable space

• 48 levels of 4 big themes which create a fantastic invasion

• Wacky planet citizens

• Off-the-wall magic features

• Show off your achievements on your Facebook, Twitter, G+...

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Good game. Very like 9fury studio

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Hey guys

We’re a group of young developers and we’ve just finished this game Captain Strike. We’d like to post here to share the demo version with you guys before the official launch next month and ask for your FEEDBACK.

So the reason we wanted to do this was because we’d like to change people’s perception on mobile FPS/TPS. You know, traditionally, mobile shooting games have always been considered inferior to PC or console ones. And the reason for that is because even though there are some games out there, none of them is really satisfying and could grow into something greater (an e-Sport for instance).

But, in this game, with considerable improvements in control, gameplay, graphics, and so on, we hope to change that perception once and for all.

Supported devices: Android, iOS, minimum memory space 250MB.

Environment: Wifi/data connection.

A clip of the gameplay:

Loading Video...

Some screenshots:

Everything here has not been shared to ANYONE else before, so this is quite exclusive. I will update again when the download link for the close beta version is out.

We’d love your inputs after you try this game yourself. Let us know here! or visit us at our facebook page for more information!

Thanks and Cheers!

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Collect Energy and avoid dangerous obstacles in this thrilling and fast-paced game FREE to download on the App Store! With the recent groundbreaking discovery of the Higgs boson at the Large Hadron Collider, the question now is where it will lead next. Does there exist a whole class of undiscovered particles? That's the goal in AcceleroX. Compete with yourself and friends to smash more and more particles in this endless level game to discover the missing majority of the universe!

Unlock multi-particles for additional lives. Play your way through endless levels as you attempt to reach smash velocity and split the target particles. Experience the heart pounding speeds!


• Universal app

• Simple and responsive controls

• Collect and store energy to help along the way

• Unlock multi-particles for additional lives

• Avoid the Antimatter, Dark Matter and Negative Energy within AcceleroX

• Compete in 2 exciting leaderboards.

• Play 3 exciting game modes:

- Endless Level Mode

- Top Speed Mode

- Fine tune your skills in Practice Mode


Everyone is familiar with the popular roller coaster souvenir photos of the riders as they plummet down the hill... now you can laugh and have fun with the AcceleroX Selfie Feature! This special feature captures your expression the moment after you win or lose the game.

Save your favorites or share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter! You can also add captions to your selfie to enhance that special pic.


AcceleroX is a FREE Universal app now available on the App Store!

Become a fan on Facebook:

Follow on Twitter: @AcceleroX


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Hi Everyone,

Please check out my latest game call ROSHAMBO FIGHTERS




Loading Video...


Do you have what it takes to be a legendary warrior of RoShamBo? Engage in epic battles with the fabled fighters from the Schools of Rock, Paper, and Scissors! Choose your school! Choose your style! Choose your destiny! Will you be the Rock Master, the Paper Champ, or the Razor King? Take courage and be the true hero of RoShamBo!

You are Ro, warrior hero seeking to bring to justice the villainous gang who desecrated and burned down your beloved RoShamBo Temple. With years of training in the School of Rock, you are ready to unleash your legendary Dragon Fist upon your foes! Rely on your quick reflexes to counter waves of incoming attacks from your enemy. As you face each enemy, your reactions will be tested, and your martial skill will be pushed to the edge.

Train to become stronger, attack faster, and hit harder. Unleash your awesome combo power, and knock your opponent out cold with multiple attacks! Each opponent brings a different set of strengths and weaknesses; beware their incoming strikes as they distract you with some serious taunts. Earn a Flawless Victory by defeating your opponent without getting hit!

RoShamBo Fighters gives aficionados of the Rock Paper Scissors genre a mashup of arcade 2D style fighting, but with an RPS twist. Each opponent offers unique attack moves, and hilariously memorable wacky voiceovers that will give players of all ages a good laugh. But don't sit on your duff thinking this game is an easy walkthrough: the further you get, the harder the the opponents fight, and the better you have to be. This ain't your grandpa's RoShamBo!


•Classic dueling brought to a whole different level - Rock beats Scissors, Scissors beats Paper, and Paper beats Rock, but in a whole new way--this isn't your grandpa's RoShamBo!

•Intuitive battle interface – channel and unleash RoShamBo attacks, block incoming attacks, or send a combo and knock out your opponent in style with a simple tap.

•Specialize your fighting style – choose your path of Rock, Paper, or Scissors and power up in that school of fighting.

•Deadly Combos – harness your fighting style and throw up to 5 combinations of rock, paper, or scissors in devastating combos!

•Wacky ingame voiceovers that poke fun at pop culture, old school kungfu cinema, gaming icons.

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Hello everyone. My name is Imtiaz Razzak. I formed a small indie game studio called Defenestrate Studios with a friend, and we just released our first game called Neonize for all major mobile platforms: iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.



Windows Phone:

Neonize is an arcade rhythmic shooter game that requires memory to survive. You are a ship in the center. Enemy ships are trying to ram into you. Enemies come from 1 of 4 directions, the directions in which you can shoot. Take the challenge and see how far you can get! There are leaderboards to compete in and achievements to earn for Game Center and Google Game Services. There are plenty of in-game medals to unlock for people who love collecting!

Help us out, join the fun, and download it today! Thanks!

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X-Mercs: Invasion

Publisher & Developer: Game Insight

Official site:

Status: in development, 2014

Platforms: iOS, Android (later)

X-Mercs is a turn-based strategy for mobile devices. It's about leading private military corporation, fighting mutants and aliens and other players.

Game Features:

  • Fascinating fighting system: turn-based strategy and violent clash dynamics.
  • The best of the best: the team of prime military experts to defy the alien threat.
  • Breathtaking missions and hundreds of additional quests: you are the only one to stop the invaders from space!
  • Preparation of the decisive strike: more than 50 diverse buildings to strengthen and defend your underground base.
  • Planet defense against the invasion: take all the regions under control, one by one, and fight off the superior enemy forces.
  • Military clashes all over the world: fight under the scorching sun of the deserts, in the ruins of the fallen cities and in the alien ships shot down from the sky.
  • Search for the truth: research more than 100 technologies, uncover the aliens’ secrets and create the most lethal weapons.
  • Fierce battles: more than 50 unpredictable and frightening enemy species.
  • 3D graphics and special effects: astonishing graphics quality perfectly conveys battlefield atmosphere.


Loading Video...


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Hey guys,

In case you like some shoot 'em up action and wanna try something a little bit different from your old spaceship-with-adapted-mobile-controls shmup, we've just released a shooter called Tank Invaders that deviates from that formula, using touch-based controls in a design we like to call the "first-person shoot 'em up".

Here are the links for those who'd like to give it a try:



It's got an arcade-machine feel to it, including a voiced-over narrator.

Hope you have fun! =D

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A multiplayer, zombie survival tower defence game where you and up to 8 others will defend an old castle against an invading horde of zombies. The aim of the game is to survive for as long as possible but to be the last man (or woman) standing. The question you have to ask yourself is: are my friends more useful to me alive or dead?

The spiritual successor to Die2Nite it's designed to play heavily on the notion of betrayal in a paranoid environment where the zombies might not be the biggest threat.


  • Cross platform. Start on your computer finish on your tablet or phone.
  • Multiplayer online asynchronous gameplay.
  • No waiting for the others to be ready, if everyone isn’t ready by the time of the attack, then they’re zombie bait.
  • Free to play... Not pay to win.
  • Awesomeness! So. Much. Awesomeness!


  • Dead cells will require an iPhone 3GS or Android running 2.5 or better.
  • Any browser with Flash.


Before the end of 2014. Basically as soon as we can!



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Fun and addictive mobile version of 2048 game and amazing 2048 number puzzle game for Android!

Make challenge for your mind!


Swipe to move the tiles, when two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one. When a 2048 tile is created, the player wins!


+ Three unique game modes

+ Leaderboard

+ Beautiful and simple UI

+ Easy share with friends.(Sharing your result in VK and Evernote, use first icon in share option)

+ Keep playing even after collected 2048 tile. There is no limits!

+ Game supports all android 2.3+ and above devices

+ One of the best 2048 Android version implementation!

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Hi Everybody!

Check out our new game development project! This is puzzle-platformer game, you should solve logical puzzles based on real physics.

Try the demo!

This project is on Kickstarter, this is the opening image

The playable demo is here:

Click here to see this project on: Kickstarter

#242 Edited by tonystudio (6 posts) -

A unique but simple gameplay style reinventing the tower defense genre! Play solo in an epic campaign or participate in real time multiplayer duels with attack+defense.


- Build your own walls : fortress or maze it's up to you!

- MULTIPLAYER 1v1 : compete to be the best in the ladder or just play with your friends!

- Place your units and upgrade them according to your own choices to protect your stronghold.

- Monsters can actually attack and destroy walls!

- Solo campaign : 25 beautiful different maps for 30+ levels and many hours of playing!

- 28 unique skills to learn from pure strategist style to shoot'em style!

- An infinity of different items to equip, boosting your characters! Drop them and craft them.

- 3 spells to cast to get yourself out of difficult situations

- A controlable and upgradable balista, each one can have his defense style

- 3 classes for 15 different characters (= towers) and 5 different walls

- 17 unique monsters, including 3 bosses!

- Save points during solo battles, no need to restart from scratch if you lose

- Some bonus maps with fun and original gameplay

- Many other features we let you discover :)

The game will be updated with new content frequently.

An accessible map editor is already planed if the game meets its audience!

The only buyable content ingame is purely optional and does not add any new level. It is only there to accelerate the progress of hurried people.

Trailer :

Loading Video...

To get it, simply go to on your mobile and you will be redirected to the game for your mobile automaticaly!

#243 Posted by Sakis25 (1 posts) -

Angel in Danger

Angel in DangerFeatures

Angel in Danger is a 3D platform game with colorful environments unique characters and lots of action.

It simply brings back the classic platform formula that was missing from today's mobile games.

Run and jump through 4 Worlds all packed with different and carefully designed levels.

Find awesome power-ups to help you fight all of the enemies and bosses and bring peace to the Bright Kingdom.


It's always peaceful at the Bright Kingdom.

But one day Lord Debol has found a way to get inside the Bright Kingdom.

With his evil powers he captured the Angel Princess.

A little boy was able to enter the evil portal and he is the only one who can save the Angel Princess.

- 4 Worlds with 24 challenging Levels

- Gorgeous 3D Graphics

- Easy to master controls and smooth gameplay

- Challenging boss fights

- 6 Characters to unlock

- Power-Ups and items to collect

- Game Center Achievements and Leaderboards

- Universal App with Full Retina and iPad Support

- Surprisingly Addictive Gameplay

Loading Video...


App Store:

Play Store:

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Hi All!

I've published my game for Android and Windows Phone:

ZONIX Bacterium - is an arcade with famous xonix mechanics. You need to cutoff pieces of field in order to free it from harmful bacteria. Here you can find plenty of various levels with numerous enemies, acid pools, numerous bonuses and so on! Rule nano-robot with gestures in order to clean xonix space from invader bacteria, and tap to screen in order to stop. Beware! As you begin cutting danger space, you become vulnerable, besides you cannot stop in danger area until you finish cutting! No time to wait, because nano-robot has a countdown timer, and when it comes to zero, it blows! There are additional levels with new obstacles, enemies, bonuses and secrets coming shortly!



#245 Edited by davbol (6 posts) -

Space Kart Racing [Android][Free][2.3+] is a challenging physics-based space racer. Has a sandbox-like Garage to customize/reconfigure your ship, with real physically modeled results. (tip: set up your ship so that it steers the way you want to drive - fe: prefer drifting, or not? try sliding the engines forward or back.)

Loading Video...

#246 Posted by shmupstick (7 posts) -
Loading Video...

The Knight Might Slay the Dragon. Coming soon.

#247 Edited by KronnectGames (8 posts) -

Noir Run hitting the App Store worldwide!


- Unique atmosphere, gloomy visuals including real world storms and clouds

- Original soundtrack

- High quality sound effects with dynamic/stereo positioning (headphones recommended!)

- Retina optimised graphics

- Nasty obstacles, bosses and minions to overcome

- Different revive options including gifts to help you in completing the most difficult days

- Game Center support, compete for the best score!

- Universal app - same for both iPhone and iPad devices

iTunes URL:



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We like to present on this post a new simple entertaining room escape game named Child Play Room Escape Games.

Games is available for Android platform on Google Play and you can download it from here :

Here is a short presentation that will enlighten you with what this room escape game offers.

Play on Mobile:

You are trapped inside Child Play Room! Try to Escape From Child Play Room If You Can !!! Escape from Child Play Room by finding the clues carefully hidden. Search the room to find a way to escape the Child Play Room in this challenging escape the game! Pay close attention to each object and search high and low for any clues, tools, or codes, that you can use to escape this urban room prison in this fun escape game for kids. Your progress is timed, so hurry up and find your way to freedom to earn a high score! If you are in trouble use the HELP button and try to follow that instructions.

Good Luck!


★ Great game scenario

★ Fun for the whole family

★ Very easy to play

★Tricky brain teasers

★ Innovative and exciting gameplay

★Find Hidden Objects

★Logic puzzles

Amazon Android Market:

Also you can check out a YouTube video of the original gameplay of Child Play Room Escape Games .

Loading Video...

Overall we give a Five Stars ★★★★ review for this easy and simple game for mobile gadgets.

YoopyGames TEAM!

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Hungry Mupphy is just released today! Try it out at [url][/url]

Today supposed to be a great day for Mupphy to take a walk under the ocean. However, things were getting worse and worse when he got trapped inside an alien box. Mupphy is starving now!!! He is too dumb to realize that the alien box is setting up the food with bubbles in order to kill our Mupphy simply because he can't swim. Your mission is to help Mupphy by blasting bubbles that contain the right meat for him!!

Hungry Mupphy will challenge your eyes and reaction. Key features:

Nice cartoon graphics with funny, cute sound effects

★ Nice cartoon graphics with funny, cute sound effects

★ 3 different game modes

★ 3 types of bubbles

★ 4 different skins: Mupphy, Happy, Bupphy, Suarez

★ 3 different upgrade options

★ Compare your score with leaderboard

★ 100% free

Feel free to contact us for questions, comments, suggestions or bugs. Enjoy the game!

Facebook: [url][/url]

Twitter: [url][/url]

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Hi everyone!

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