[Android] [iOs] City Domination

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Hi !

If you want to discover a new addictive and social game you can play everywhere, download "City Domination".Available on Android and iOs devices (including tablets).

This game is not new, but it just opened its gate for international players after convincing thousands of French speaking players.

The game is a kind of geo-localised "Risk" with mafia theme, where you need to move and interact with other in real life ! It's really cool and the community is friendly and fastly growing. If you want to take an edge by developing your influence before others, join us now.



By adding yuliisss as a sponsor you will get a 50 gold bars bonus.

I'm the second oldest player of this game (more than 550 days played), so if you need any advice or info, do not hesitate to answer my first message (sent by AI), I'll be glad to answer.

See you soon on City Domination !


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Hi! The game is looking pretty cool mate! I like the way you present it out here, it made me want to know more about City Domination. However, I am not sure if I understood the gameplay, a trailer would have helped! Right now, I am into Numbs; https://itunes.apple.com/app/id674456722 , a cool numbers game also found on the play.google.com store for Android. I guess City Domination will be my next test, but right now am trying to find more about it! I landed on the Facebook page; https;//www.facebook.com/CityDomination and I just love the way you animate it. Keep it up!