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Hello fellow Gamespotters!

Today is a start of something new! If you've been around since last fall you've seen the Mobile discussion board take a dip in activity. Well that ends today!

  • Have a question about which OS is best for you? Post it here!
  • Have a question about which phone to get? Post it here!
  • Want to discuss the latest news/rumors in the Smartphone/Tablet world? Post it here!
  • Want to tell us your thoughts on your favorite phone/OS? Post it here!
  • Matter of fact, ANYTHING mobile related, feel free to post it here!

We want to keep this board active and alive, so here are a few rules in addition to the Gamespot Terms of Use.

  • Have an App that you want to promote or let us know about? Great! Please post it in the appropriate sticky thread so that everyone can find it!
  • Want to talk trash about another OS? Fine! But no trolling or attacking other users will be allowed!

Please Note: While we welcome any game developer and community members contribution to the App Store or Play Store, we ask that ALL app information that you have created gets placed in the appropriate forum. If it has been posted on the main board IT WILL BE DELETED with or without notice. This ensures that the board does not become cluttered with spam and also allows for everyone to see you app in one simple thread.

****Please note: We need your help! Mods are volunteers and are not here 24/7. If you see someone advertising an app or game outside of the official sticky, then please flag it and a Moderator will review it as soon as possible. Thanks!***

That's it for now! Any questions feel free to PM any/all of the mod team. We look forward to hearing great things from this board!