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#-49 Posted by fireiyt (33 posts) -
Hello,just got my first android system mobile Samsung i9100 really cool.~~~
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Welcome all member



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#-47 Posted by JohnF111 (14093 posts) -
I can't believe how good Android is, I had an iPhone 4S which I never liked anyway but I'm allowed to tether, I'm allowed to use other apps to manage my phone, I'm allowed to customise the cr*p out of it. It's like Android was made for me and with so many handsets coming out with Android on them I recon it won't be slowing down much for a long time. I'm here to stay and I don't want to leave!
#-46 Posted by annaharris (6 posts) -
Hey friends, I am new to Android and looking for best android games.
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Android is an open-source software stack for mobile devices, and a corresponding open-source project led by Google. We created Android in response to our own experiences launching mobile apps. We wanted to make sure that there was no central point of failure, so that no industry player can restrict or control the innovations of any other. That's why we created Android, and made its source code open. SEO service
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Hi! I'm Hessan and I live in Ireland. I develop games for the Android platform. It is my hobby as well as my second job and I'm hoping to make it my first job or my business. I got my first android phone 2 years ago, and it was an HTC Sensation.
#-43 Posted by SkyeFox1 (3 posts) -
Got the Optimus G and I love it!!!
#-40 Posted by poly_lu (1 posts) -
hi everyone, I just got a htc
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 We are Thoopid! Hey everyone! Thoopid is an indie mobile game company based in Cape Town, South Africa. Like you, we all love gaming and are determined to make visually stunning and addictively fun games. We are almost done with our first game Snailboy - An Epic Adventure, releasing late September 2013! Why'd we call ourselves something as stupid as Thoopid? Well, when you try to say our name you sound stupid, so were already one up on you. :D Email: getting@thoopid.com Snailboy Facebook Page Thoopid Facebook Page Follow Snailboy on Twitter Follow Thoopid on Twitter Thoopid Website
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i was wondering, a friend of mine told me that, when you download black wallpapers for your android smartphone such as the ones below, that you are able to save your battery because the background light doesnt need to work that hard, is it true?

Android Wallpapers