Why so many people think Germany will win?

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World Cup Final Round: Argentina vs. Germany, do you think which one will win in the end?

I love Messi, but it seems more people think that Germany will win the final round, why?

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I believe that Germany will win because of the style of soccer they play.

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I'm going with Germany. They have the complete team, also I think about 8 starters on Germany also play club ball together for Bayern (its evident that this chemistry is helping out because Germany's passing and possession has been top notch).

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... and they won.

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Because they are the best team in the world. Dull as hell just like the whole competition, but the best all the same.

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typing this after the fact: we thought germany would win (many germany v argentina finals predictions) because they had almost zero weaknesses. the one weakness we talked about heading into the final was whether or not their would be an argentina lapse. was there, lol?

the u.s/belgium match was frickin great.

btw, if the final would have went to penalty kicks i would have laughed at the sport again.

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@Bikouchu35: Yes. they won, but not so easily. But I have admitted that they did a good teamwork!

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Five reasons why Germany won the 2014 world cup-

1. Balancing Talent

2. Consistent winning ways

3. Young starts brought title

4. Team unity

5. Diversity

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Germany team has given their level best in the field of NFL, because of that their fans predict that this team will win the game.

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We won because we were the better team