What is your favorite Sport?Now with a Poll.

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Poll: What is your favorite Sport?Now with a Poll. (29 votes)

Hockey 14%
Football 31%
Soccer 17%
Baseball 14%
Basketball 10%
Cricket 3%
Golf 0%
Racing 0%
Boxing 0%
UFC 0%
Tennis 0%
Gymnastics 0%
Speed Skating 3%
Other..... 3%
I Hate Sports 3%

There was another thread on this subject,but like alot of you said,there was no poll.So here is your poll.My pick being NHL Hockey. :)

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I voted hockey because my favorite team is the Toronto Maple Leafs.

#2 Posted by brimmul777 (1144 posts) -

I voted hockey because my favorite team is the Toronto Maple Leafs.

I see you used to be a Minnesota North Stars fan. :)

#3 Posted by PhysXy (9 posts) -

The NFL definitely is my favourite sport right now but I am trying to experience other sports and so I am watching more women's professional and amateur sports as I am tired of poor refereeing, the lack of proper suspensions, and in some sports the lack of O in the games (NHL hockey) for men's sports. Seriously get more credibility, make things more affordable and accessible and then I will start to care again.

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The Real football which you call soccer .

and Basketball

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I almost picked Football thinking it was Football. Favorite sport to watch is Soccer, I guess...surprised you didn't list Rugby but you put "Football"

but I choose Speed Skating, because the is my favorite sport out of the options. You didn't list swimming :(

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#7 Posted by humanistpotato (351 posts) -

i accidently voted for baseball instead of basketball which is fastest ball game/lots of fun to watch. i didnt watch most of those sports due living in eu tho

#8 Posted by thehig1 (1418 posts) -

Voted soccer although it's called football by the rest of the world.

#9 Posted by RodneyCourts (51 posts) -

I voted Football because I like it very much. I love to watch all NFL matches. I love to discuss about that matches in off season. I think most of the people like Football mostly.

#10 Posted by fanshere (10 posts) -

haha, I have the plan to learn swimming. I seldom do sports.

#11 Posted by Flubbbs (2975 posts) -

College football and the NFL

#12 Posted by Brutal_Elitegs (16181 posts) -

To watch: soccer
To play: table tennis

#13 Posted by SoftwareGeek (222 posts) -

I didn't grow up with soccer, so like most Americans, I don't get it. It's super boring to me. Football is way more exciting. I work with foreigners, they don't get football. To them, it's too complicated. Most of them like soccer. A few of them are crazy about criket. I was like...."what's criket?".

#14 Posted by watchdogsrules (349 posts) -

most are probably are going to vote basketball or football.

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Basketball and baseball

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Baseball, for sure. Love the "Man Bear Puig." lol.


#17 Posted by jun_aka_pekto (15922 posts) -
  • Soccer
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Hockey

In order. Of those, I play soccer and basketball.

#18 Posted by hrt_rulz01 (5800 posts) -

Always has & will be cricket for me.

#19 Posted by hecklion101 (45 posts) -

Football! Because girls loves to watch men playing football! xD

#20 Posted by CWEBB04z (4563 posts) -

Hard for me to decide between baseball and football. I watch them both equally.

#21 Posted by Heirren (16583 posts) -

Too many sports have been spoiled by performance enhancers. I tend to gravitate towards sports that don't equate skill with technology. I really dig Tennis but don't care for how players are hailed for service speed and such when racket technology continually changes.

#22 Posted by chocolate1325 (32472 posts) -

Soccer or as I know it Football.