Which line of portables is better? Gameboy series or DS series?

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#1 Posted by Dj-Dampleaf (730 posts) -
Form Gameboy to Gameboy Pocket, to Gameboy Color, to Gameboy Advance Form DS, to DSi, to 3DS Which of these portable series by Nintendo, did you think had the more greater library? Personally, I prefered the Gameboy Line.
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Gotta go Game Boy line here. I have all of them and I just find I play those more often. My two favorites though are GBA and 3DS so it is a bit of a toss up. However, one reason I like my 3DS is because I can play old Game Boy and GBA games on it so there's that.

#3 Posted by Eikichi-Onizuka (8224 posts) -
Gameboy, mainly for the GBA SP.
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The gameboy, loved my gameboy color.
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This is pretty much the Gameboy line vs the DS seeing as the 3DS has yet to really get going. That said, I think it's fair to say the DS here when you consider that the DS can play GBA games (which are the best from the GB series) and the 3DS has it's Virtual console which has a fair amount of the GBC and GB's best games on it.

That aside, I can only say the GB series has better games until the 3DS gets Fire Emblem next year. After that the GB doesn't really have any significant advantages for me.

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their both nintendo handhelds , i dont really see a difference except names!

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Gameboy all the way.