Super Mario 3D Land Profile Badge Stars-am I missing something?

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#1 Posted by Chiilo (4 posts) -

I am trying to get the 5 "profile" badge stars in Super Mario 3D Land for completing different tasks. I just beat the game and am now at the part where you can play the Special levels and i've also unlocked Luigi. One of the tasks is to complete all the levels playing as Luigi, but I've been looking at both screens and it does not keep track of which levels i've completed with Luigi and which ones I haven't. Is this something I should be keeping track of on my own?

#2 Posted by Nude_Dude (5371 posts) -
I think you *first* need to beat every stage in the special world, then it will show in every stage whether you used Mario or Luigi and if you got a gold flagpole (needed for the 5th star).