skyrim help (not gameplay, screen size problem)

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i can't see the upper like 3 inches of what i'm supposed to see on screen.
it's cut off at the middle of the compass thing at the top of the screen, so it makes it hard trying to see where i'm going, i can barely read the compass with the top half of it gone.

i can't find anywhere to like stretch or shrink the screen, i've paused the game and gone to display options but there was nothing to help me, i couldn't find anything in the main menu of the game either.

anybody know how i can fix this? this is the only game it's happened on for me.

i did post this on the separate board for the game (ew gamefaqs) but that board moves so f***ing fast and it gets pushed to the 2nd or 3rd page to quickly, that's why i'm posting it here

also sorry about the weird text, i copy/pasted it from the original post i made on gamefaqs and i guess it got changed

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Try changing the resolution, it's under options on the startup screen.

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You may have to change the screen options on your TV menu. If you're playing on a SDTV than that's probably the problem.

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Here's the official thread.