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Description :

Demolish matching floors of rising towers in order to keep them away from Aircrafts.

How to play :

This game is played by mouse only.

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Really a good kids game..
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Every children play all day long. Choose from jigsaw puzzles, mazes, racing games, spot the difference and many more! Kids games the most fun place to play is online games. Also let your children play Rubik's Cube it's fun and interesting kind of game.Try to visit here http://www.rubiksplace.com/ read and teach your children how to solve it. Come and play with your children.It's fun.
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I know a website where have a lot of category crossword puzzles for kids,both fun and learn from it.it become more and more popular,many children like it so much.http://www.kidsplay123.com/brain-games/puzzle-games-for-kids.html
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If you are looking for something to have fun with online any season of the year, both educational and fun for the kids and other members of the family, you may have heard of BinWeevils. This game will allow your kids to choose a pet Bin Weevil and nurture it. In doing so, the Bin Weevil must be kept healthy, fit and happy with binweevils login & play ...
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Seems good for kids, Thanks for sharing it... :) :)
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it is good kids puzzle game.
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Thanks, these links are really helpful!
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Nice and interesting game for kids. I think Playing jigsaw puzzles helps in building childs memory power better. No doubt Jigsaw puzzles are an excellent source of educational value for children of all ages.
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wow...... thanks for sharing this game i like it Fun Games