Next gen - What's the real difference?

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I will eventually jump into next gen a year or two from now after the first wave of consoles are patched up and worthwhile games release. As expected, current gen launches are pretty shitty and definitely don't look worth forking over $500 - $700 for shiny new toy with no real games to give you that 'next gen' feel. With all the hype and development time PS4 and X1 had, it's amazing there are no real 'next gen' games out as of launch.

Games like Forza and Killzone Shadowfall definitely have the 'next gen' look. But is that really where the buck stops? 1080p with social networking integration? Last gen launches weren't all that great either but you saw immediately saw a huge leap between PS2 and PS3 gameplay wise, even at launch. Will highly anticipated games like Titanfall, Uncharted 4, The Division, and Watch Dogs truly usher in 'next gen'?

Graphic comparisons between next gen and last gen

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There is no difference atleast not enough for it to matter, the performance race is pointless

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A few hundred-thousand pixels.

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So far, I can't tell a difference between PS3 and PS4 games.

In terms of technical detail, I don't think graphics can get much better. I think developers should just work on making their games more innovative and explore more unique concepts rather than working on making their game look more visually impressive.

My honest opinion is that the levels of detail we had on the PS2, Gamecube, and Xbox was enough.