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Lists some best MMO games , that are played more than 3 players.
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Meridian 59 Everquest Atlantica Online Runes of Magic
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DC Universe
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Rusty Heart

Lost saga

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For current games, I can't say much, as I haven't had the time I'd like to to enjoy games recently. But, for the sake of a contribution, I have to throw UO out there. That's what sparked my interest in MMO's from the start. Sure, it wasn't and probably still isn't free to play, but I had a big helping hand scripting for a free shard for a while, and I loved it.
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League of Legends Here's my referral link :D
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League of Legends Metin 2 Lost Saga Mabinogi Those are some of the list of MMOs I've been playing for the past 3 years.
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I enjoy eRepublik

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What's eRepublik?
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What's eRepublik?kalilyrr
It is a social strategy MMO.
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I did play Aion, that was (and still is) awesome, but due to that time = power thing, I stopped playing it, because I can't invest as much time to be able to compete in high levels. It's heavy grinding game. I now play league of legends - a MOBA type game. If you would ever consider playing it, can you please use my referral link?
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I recommend C9 for you to try. It's the game I'm playing right now.
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I dont have time to list all the MMO's with more than 3 players.