Getting an MMORPG?

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So I am looking for one of those mmo's that have a lot to do, you know a lot of extra shit to do other than go hunt monsters and stuff, is there any such? I always hear big names like GW2 and WOW but are there any other MMO's worth mentioning or buying? I kinda am looking for an MMORPG or even an RPG that has a lot to do, I hear WOW is good for this but the thing is subscription based and I am not super sure about buying it as I don't know a thin about it. I love the sort of open sandbox style of playing. Anyone know any good ones?
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Runescape is always worth a try, optional subscription service but the free player is still huge. Plus, they released their third major update (Runescape 3) only 2 days ago!
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EVE Online is a very deep space MMO but it is expensive
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WoW is the best MMORPG atm.

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Would recommend age of wushu if u like chinese kungfu
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Most MMO's you can try for free (at least for a while). You can play WoW for free up to level 20, SWTOR all the way (limited), and there's other MMOS like LotR Online, Age of Conan, and DC Universe Online. My personal opinion: SWTOR is awesome for its story, and WoW is a must at least to say you've tried it. WoW is the mother of MMOS. As for RPGs worth looking into with a lot to do, Path of the Exile is free and has that authentic diablo 1 and 2 feel. Skyrim is a must if you've never played it, or go back further to Morrowind and Oblivion. Either way, there's lots to do. Or, if you haven't yet, try out Final Fantasy VII recently released on Steam for $12 :) Hope that helps!