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This is just deplorable... Is there any way back to the old version of GS? Forums are a mess, no Legacy... PLEASE, for the love of GAMING... Bring back the old format. I've been a member of this site forever, but the new format has completely alienated me.

Very unhappy with where you've taken the site, folks... Damned shame.

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unfortunately, there is no way to get to the old site layout back. and if by legacy you meant the forum, its still here. just not on the main list. if you want the link, let me know and I can post it.

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Ugh. Thanks for the response. Really too bad about all of this "upgrading", it's a mess. But I suppose you know that by now. Buh-BYE, GS... It's been fun.

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@MonkeySpot: Hi there,

right now the Forums and site may look a mess and I do agree the old site was better cause it still had maybe a year. But with the old site still had all the Bugs and Errors that were dug deep inside the Code

The new Site shall get better over time just have to stick with it

So don't Leave just yet just Wait and see how it turns out over the 2014 season

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I can completely understand wanting to leave though. I just came back to find a very different profile page waiting for me, and I have no idea how anything works. Can't even find my Games Collection anymore.

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Hi KaosKitsune

they are actually Stacks now as i guess it made more sense You might have to readd the games to the stacks but, I dont htink you will have to

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it will be a challenge to keep most people on this site. I have already suggested patience, but 99% of the users don't want to hear it.

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People shouldn't have to wait months for a site to fully update and have everything working. Especially considering there are many alternatives. I'm in the middle of "following" all of my games on IGN. They may not get as many updates, but at least I know when they do as the site works properly and notifies me.