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Is there anyway for me to access my complete list of games?

I own about 460 games and have used your site to build my database but now I can only see 100 of my games.

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There does not appear to be a way. But that is only the tip of the iceberg. The stack system is currently simply broken and unusable. Here are some things that do not work either:

- editing a stack with more than about 20 items => the system displays only the first 20 or so entries and then appears to crash (no javascript, no editing), or it crashes outright (blank page or system crash message). No editing also means no deleting items from the stack or moving/copying to another stack.

- converting an unranked stack to a ranked stack (clicking on the button to convert produces an error message - this happens even with empty stacks)

- adding a game to a custom stack from the game page - there are only three default stacks to choose from

- adding games to a stack from the "edit stack" page (after the initial creation of the stack). This is supposed to work, since when you open an empty stack, the system offers to "add some games" and then sends you to the "edit stack" page, where there is no possibility to add a game.

- sorting a stack by GameSpot Score

And that is only from a few minutes of testing. Given how easy it is to provoke/reproduce the bugs, and that the stack system has been unusable since it was introduced last year, one could conclude that nobody at GameSpot gives a damn about the bugs in the stack system. A more generous speculation would be that the system redesign launched last year was so buggy that they had to scramble until now to get everything else working, and the stack system is just really really low on their priority list.

I question the wisdom of breaking things that are important for their (presumed) core audience of hardcore gamers, and then not bothering to fix them for six months, but well, it's free, so who am I to complain.

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I have more then hundred but its spread over 2 pages. Wish it was just scrolling down, better viewing experience haha. Think there is one that limits to 100 and other thats unlimited and creates pages, the one im using.

Also if box art is stupidly cropped, make it slightly bigger display box and the whole thing should fit in without cropping.

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@arno_schaefer: I used to be a paying member just so that I wouldn't all those stupid commercials. As you say, at least it's free but if I knew this was about to happen I would've saved my games list to a excel file.

Actually the game stacks worked for me until all those sorting functions were launched so it seems to me the sorting functionality is broken in some way.

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i cant even add games to the stacks, and most of the games aint even on my list when i first edit it back in time.
And everything is super slow.

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I'm also having trouble with the stacks system. I was trying to edit the owned games stack and it won't load properly and it only shows 20 games, as a previous commenter said. On top of that it won't let me remove any games. I'd really like to use the stacks system, but I find it overly cumbersome at the moment and really slow, even if other stacks do load properly. On top of all that, I don't like having to click through to a game's page to rate it or unfollow it. It just seems like an outdated way of doing things.

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I've had all of the problems that arno_schaefer described above. At this point I've just given up trying to use the Stacks system at all, and wish I could delete all of the Stacks on my profile. The game database system they had on this site before the big site redesign worked pretty well for me, and it was a lot more intuitive. The stacks are just a nightmare.

Luckily I do have a personal database of all of my games, so I guess I'll be sticking to that from now on.