How to remove the signature image?

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I want to remove this current signature I have to simply have nothing but I can´t seem to find a way to do so,how do I go on about doing that? Thanks.

Edit: Or simply choosing "hide signatures in forums" will make it disapear? I assume that just disables all signatures for me but other people can still see mine though,but maybe I´m wrong.

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THat will hide your @MrYaotubo and all Signatures I have gone ahead and removed yours for you :)

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@juniorpower: Thanks! But just to be sure for when I actually need to,how do I remove it myself?

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In the Settings where you set your Signature is where you remove it as well

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@juniorpower said:

In the Settings where you set your Signature is where you remove it as well

I actually have the same issue as mryaotubo,I don´t see a way to remove my sig,either I´m missing something obvious or there´s some kind of bug but to make things simpler just remove mine as well if you don´t mind,thanks.

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Hi there @Arach666,

I'm going to go ahead and do some looking up on this and If I also don't see it I will Immediately contact Lark on this :)


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@Arach666 and @MrYaotubo

So I have done some looking into this so I will submit a ticket to LarkAnderson to see about getting a feature to ultimately remove them without requiring a Moderators Assistance

@LarkAnderson : hey Lark any way we can get the users a Image deletion button for there Settings?

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@Arach666 Seems a fellow Mod / Staff member has done that for you :)

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@juniorpower: Thanks mate. Meanwhile,if you could remove my current sig I´d really appreciate it.

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@juniorpower: Oh? I still see it myself lol.

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It seems our tools are acting up with some of the stuff so We might have to wait...I am not sure though Sorry

Okay so I Just did it and it was removed sorry for the Delay in removing it :)


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Yeah, it seems like you should probably be able to remove images for signature, user picture, and profile background, I guess :P

I'll get this added to our queue.

Thanks, all!

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How to add Signature image?