Disabled Notifications. Still get notifications.

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#1 Posted by RicanV (202 posts) -

I disabled all notifications in my account settings. However, I still receive hundreds of notifications via e-mail. It is becoming tasking to delete every one of them.

#2 Posted by foxrock66 (403 posts) -

Hey Rican! Welcome to the club! I think there's about five threads about this crap now. Best you can do is unsubscribe from the convo EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. YOU. COMMENT.

It's retarded, but it's the only way to avoid it right now

#3 Posted by RicanV (202 posts) -

@foxrock66: Yup. That's what I have been doing. That is also a chore and has forced me to make sub par comments so that I don't get as many likes.