fOUND oN rOAD dEAD-Ford...

User Rating: 3.8 | Ford Street Racing PS2
Really now, most people complain about their not being enough cars in most racing games, and what does Ford do? make a racing game exclussive to thenselves...Right...Alright lets get this started.

Graphics. Im not going to completly nag them about it, obviously a few things here and there could of been touched up and there are a few small blotches...but like i said, im not going to totaly trash them about it.

Control....literally the game killers

You know? i cant really go on, cause in the overall feel of the game? its just trashy Alot of the cars in the game DO NOT preform the same way they do in the game, infact its a far fetch, another problem would really be them missing a few key cars....oh and GM r0x