A short and sweet adventure to find a young girls teddy

User Rating: 7 | Finding Teddy PC

[What is it?]

Finding Teddy is a charming point and click adventure game that sees you take on the role of a young girl trying to find her lost teddy. It has colourful pixel art and a calm and atmospheric soundtrack that both work in it's favour.

[What I thought]

Going into Finding Teddy I expected a game similar to LIMBO. Although it isn't quite as dark it does have it's moments; especially the darker death scenes upon interaction with creatures before solving the appropriate puzzle. The game is focused on puzzle solving and expect to backtrack once you have learned new details or gathered certain items to progress. One aspect I found to stand out was how creatures would turn from black/gray scale to colour as you helped solve their problems - signifying they are now complete.

The puzzles were interesting to solve as the game has no dialogue and relies on trial and error. This will result in any deaths you obtain, but gives a sense that the game isn't holding your hand. With that said everything blends together for an enjoyable experience, but the game is simply too short even with multiple playthroughs to obtain all collectibles and achievements.

My main and only issue it would seem is the length and amount of content. HowLongToBeat has Finding Teddy at 2.5 hours (on average) for Completionist status while AStats has it listed at 2.1 hours (on average). I understand it is an Indie game and that $7 for a 2-4 hour experience isn't that bad, but it seemed like there was potential for more.


With my scoring checklist it earned 64/100, but I rounded it up to 70 because I did enjoy it regardless of my opinion on the length and content.


$6.99 on Steam

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