A niche game, that fills its role well.

This game has gotten some awful reviews and yet according to Midway has sold quite well. The implication being that while the game does not have that WOW factor, for some reason the fans appreciate it. After having played for a while I'd have to say that in this case the hit or miss ratings reflect reality.
Rampage is not a diverse game, it is however a fun game. What I mean is that if you enjoyed any previous incarnation of Rampage or you think you'd like busting up cities with a plethora of monsters then this game might be for you. If you are looking for a game that is dynamic and offers you something new every time you play it, then this might not be the game for you. It basically consists of the same thing the old games did, you pick your monster of choice (which are beautifully animated, perhaps the game's graphical highlight) and go on a tour of destruction across the world destroying each city in a block by block fashion. Get your friend and you can both run wild together.
The strong point of Rampage: Total Destruction is essentially the monsters themselves. They look beautiful, have their own "cards" with upgrades available, each has unique stats (run, jump, crush) which do in fact make a large difference in game play despite what has been said in other reviews, and there are over 20 monsters to unlock plus the 5 or 6 you start with. Another positive quality is that the cities do vary widely in atmosphere and building style and there are many, many of them to smash to the ground. Finally the game comes with a few past incarnations of the Rampage series tacked on as bonus material.
The weak points are noticeable, but in my opinion do not detract enough to make me not want to play. The first and largest problem is the control. My issues began when I played it just with the Wii remote without a nun-chuck hooked up (the game does not require one to play). You can play it with just the Wii remote, but it is painful and very very frustrating. First off do yourself a favor and use the nun-chuck to move, after that the control issues are the same as any other Wii game...flawed but functional. The other major issue with Rampage is the repetitiveness, the cities (while having a good variety) do essentially boil down to the same thing. Similarly the variety of upgrades you get boils down to enhanced versions of moves you already have.
The bottom line with Rampage: Total Destruction on the Wii is that it is, what it is. A bust'em up monster game. If you go in expecting fun and brainless destruction you will not be disappointed. If you expect to see something you've never seen before you are going to be trading this game in, in a matter of days.