Titan quest is a great RPG, if you liked any classic RPG's like Diablo, Baldurs gate, you should like this.

Titan quest is a game released last year by Iron Lore and it is a sucessfull and fun RPG that accomplishes much that others before it did. Chances are that if you liked classic RPG's like Baldurs gate, Divine divinity , or Diablo you will like this. Titan quest has a fantastic looking 3D engine for an RPG and you will appreiciate it's artistic look and rag doll physics, though it has lost some of it's magic that 2D RPG's had, it's not nearly a good enough reason to put this back on the shelf. In Titan quest you don't really pick a class at the beggining, instead you later on get to pick two different skill trees to use and you can have any two combonations you want. Titan quest is a nice lengthly RPG as well and you will not get tired of it for a long while. You can also play online for cooperative play which makes for a good addition when you want to play with a friend who has the game. Titan quest is a great game and is well worth you'r time and money ( only $20 now) if you have already compleated other classic RPG masterpieces.