Kinfe killing is awesome...but nothing much else is.

I just finished single player today and I gotta be honest...disapointed by the extreme lack of story devlopment...could have been awesome story, but was just throw together. It doesn't go into account of the mission that caused Turok to "leave" wolf-pack nor does it tell you what the hell Kane was doing on the planet to begin with! Mulitplayer was sweet at first, but the fact that you can hardly find a room is horrible...need to fix that asap. shotgun is flat-out weak, rockets are over powered, rilfe doesn't do much of anything but alert people to your where-a-bouts..lol...This game could have easily been a Game of the year contender in the right hands, but they just didn't put forth the right effort. It defintaly has it's problems, but just because of the knife kills, i give it solid 8.0.