"You better learn how to run, Faith" "Running is what I do best"

"We call ourselves runners, we exist on the edge between the gloss and the reality, the mirror's edge" Welcome to the rooftops, where the world comes alive as you live on the edge...the mirror's edge. You play Faith, a hard-core, determind runner who gets thrown into a conspiracy envolving the kidnap of her sister and the end of all runners! You will have to run, jump, climb, slide, fight and uncover the mysteries to survive. Uncover the project Icarus and the secrets that it holds, who can you trust? Can you survive? Escape?
This game is very fun and it's easy to get pulled into the feel and the situations, but in places it's hard to see your route and it can be difficult to get a jump right the first time. But still this game packs a punch, literally. Combat in this game is fun, when you get it right, you may die a lot before you get it right.
This game is brilliant, fun and a fast ride. A game you will love.
Can you keep up with the Runner?