good game but litttle problems.

warrock dont have greate graphics.its graphics are old school but graphics dont mean everything.
What warrock has is fun multiplayer action.
u can allways buy cs or css but why cost from fps when u can get allmost same game for free.
Warrocks real and allmost only problem is that hackers get there so easily.
warrock is free online fps.theres premiums that u can buy.Bronze silver and gold.theres all so some weapons that u can only buy by g1 gredits.
what i like in warrrock is its funny gameplay and clan system.I love to play clan wars.
so if u have pc and internet download this game.xD
warrock has all so ranks that u earn.theres over 100 of them .
i dont know what it is what keeeps u playning warrrock there seems to bee somekind of magic in it.

theres medic assault engineeer sniper and heavy weapon units.
u can play as any of them and buy new weapons for them.