Great game, but cut scenes that were just not quite right.

It should be noted that this game's "picture" cut scenes are, in my opinion, a complete let down. Don't get me wrong, the game has a spectacular story, and is inherently fulfilling, but for the hours of gameplay invested, the finale flopped. Sure it tied up all the loose ends I was interested in, but the medium it used was pathetic. Only a few brief 'pictures' with a lame voice over. Seriously, I have no idea who did the voice for the ending, it sure wasn't familiar, or have any empotion to it.

It seems as though BioWare ran out of time and just tried to get whatever content they could to barely stitch up their game. If those pictures needed to be used, I would have rather seen some in-game unrendered "story book" ending, in which Nasher or another NPC recounted the tale of the history following the epic battle with snapshots sewn in.

Here's a lesson for anyone who will listen. In life, relationships, stories, music... almost any facet of our existence... begin well, and end well. In this case, a flashy mouth-watering introduction begs for an equally spectacular finish. In the end, this game missed the mark disastrously.