It's time to Finally take the Fight Outside...... In Fight Night Round 3 you get to do just that and it great!

User Rating: 9.1 | Fight Night Round 3 PSP
Wow is all I really have to say, I didn't really think EA could pull it off. I played a friends copy of the game while I was on my break at work and to my surprised it good. So Good in fact I went out and got my own copy of the game later that day. I really can't believe the amount of detail in the graphic, the voice commentating, the over all style of the game is really a show piece of what the PSP can do when a developer puts the effort into it.

Graphics and camera control are great , you get a nice close up of the boxers when they are close to one another, you can even see damage on there faces. The entrances are cool too they show off some cool detail and look way better than those in SvsR2006 for the PSP ( yeah the wrestlers looked great but the crowd looked like card board cut outs), the cut man scenes between rounds are very detailed and useful, they show you where you need to be blocking by the damage on your boxer and they also show were to attack the opponent. The Create a boxer mode is very detailed too, you real get to make you r fighter the way you want, plus after you start winning more fight you get to get more gear for your fighter.

Controls are real easy to get use to ......... straights, hooks, uppercuts, hay-makers are all easy to pull of and make the game easy to play. The lack of the second stick didn't become a real factor EA made the control work for the system they are on. And not just the punching, but defence is also easy to pull off .... you can duck between punches, counter, or just block with easy. The control are very fluid and become natural with play time.

Game Play in this game is deep, fun and very addictive. You can create a custom character and go though the ranks, play as one of the greats like Ali, go for a quick match, fight a rival in the game or take it wireless with both online, ad-hoc multi-player support.. there's no shortage of modes to play in this is a fun game. There's are a few short loads times so it's very easy to pick up and play a quick match, or if you want to go all night the career mode will keep you busy.

The Value in this game is easy to see not only are the graphic outstanding, but the overall production value are very high. It packed with many solid single player modes, wireless ad-hoc for when you want to take on friends, and online for when you want to take on the world. Characters are very detail with very sharp graphics, the sounds of the fighter, commentators, music all fit the game and add to this over-all great boxing game on the PSP.

Fight Night Round 3 is a solid PSP game that PSP owners should not pass up on. Sure it's not the console version but it the best portable boxing game out EA hit the mark with this slug-fest, so if you are a fight fan or just looking to have a fun game on the go look no further than Fight Night Round 3 for the PSP I highly recommend it!