This is by far the best Need for Speed to date.

If you even liked any racing game just a bit, you will love this game. Those of you that have bought other need for speed games before, stop reading this and go buy it. First of all the story isn't the greatest due to it's slow pacing and lack of cutscenes because the story is mainly covered by slideshows with narratives, like in Resistance. The gameplay is what really grasped my attention, the somewhat realistic driving physics (not quite as real as GT), and the fact that you can just slowly add the gas and the car won't just do a burnout and accelerate out of control like in Most Wanted and pretty much every other Need for Speed. The Graphics are just okay but it's a PS2 game so i'd give it some slack. The customiaztion is simply amazing there are so many unlockables that will take a long time to unlock, the cars are fantastic.....aren't to many but there great and you can do everything with these cars.(again, not like GT but still very good). But the very best thing about this game is the free roam gameplay and the massive map..... i mean massive. there are so many roads to explore and so many different areas and you will find different types of cars and drivers in different areas.

Overall: Great physics, Fun gameplay, Massive Map, but short story and mediocre graphics.