Mortal Kombat is bringing back the old fighting style which has outdone itself!

Mortal Kombat is bringing back the old fighting style which has outdone itself! The fighting style is back as it was on the first 3 Mortal Kombats, and I'm loving it.

The story mode of the game is great which lets you fight with a bunch of Mortal Kombat fighters and get to experience all of their fighting styles. The combat of this game is great along with the battle damage along with the game as well to show off the great graphics they have progressed so far in the game.

Another great thing about this game is the X-ray attacks, which in my opinion is an amazing part of the game. When you pull off an X-ray attack your fighter would either kick them, punch them, etc. But when your fighter does that it shows the interior body part of your opponent where you get to see your fighter punch them and see their skull crack or break some bones, or just snapping someones leg. Which shows an amazing part of the game which gets some Mortal Kombat players loving this new X-ray move.

The Krypt in the game is great where you can purchase alternative costumes for your fighter, or new fatalities, or even just some art that they have. You earn points for just fighting, beating challenges, or beating campaigns, you'll earn points which will allow you to purchase extras from the Krypt.

In my opinion I would recommend this game to anyone really, even if they never played Mortal Kombat before. This game is to me a great game even if you don't want to take it online and face other people, you can complete the story mode, complete challenges, or even just fight some bots. This game had a lot to offer and I think its worth buying.