Repetitive side missions and lack of depth make for a disappointing lack lustre return.

User Rating: 6.5 | Far Cry 3 PS3
I watched the previews and pre-ordered Farcry 3 two months ago, In a matter of days it is now on the book shelf destined to gather dust.
After a couple of hours the game looked promising, to be honest it seemed pretty good, one would assume this is when most people wrote their glowing reviews...
However after a few more hours this opinion rapidly changed.
The game is far too easy even on the hardest setting, There is a lack of weaponry, two of each type of gun and a few extras thrown in, very few mods available apart from the usual extended mags, scopes or suppressors.
I found that I only used the same three weapons all the time. The pistol, smg, launcher, shotgun, repair tool, molotov, flame thrower and flare gun never get used.
The shredder, sniper rifle, bow and a few grenades see you through pretty much every eventuality.
The side missions are repetitive and dull, Kill someone with a knife or kill a specific animal that's about it.
Taking over outposts is a breeze, snipe, snipe and snipe again. All dead and no alarms. Your guys move in and all the enemies disappear from the area.
It's a huge map but with a total lack of enemies either in towns or on the road. There is a whole plethora of useless stuff to collect such as idols, treasure chests and letters which very quickly becomes boring because it's for no gain.
The "special abilities" lend nothing to the game,and again are pretty pointless. There is no anticipation of leveling up, at times you find you've racked up 5 or 6 points and not used them, It's that dull.
With C4 and mines they could have mixed it up a bit but you're left with the same game play and utterly retarded AI all through the game.
I unlocked all the weapons, upgraded them all (including paint jobs), made all the extra wallets and bags,etc. So i was left with a full inventory and full wallet with half the main mission left. I had nothing to spend the money on and I couldn't sell my gear because the wallet was full.
The fast travel means you just hop backwards and forwards across the maps wading through the unchallenging tedium of the main story line.
The game has a few glitches with floating trees, randomly getting stuck in waterfalls or behind rocks, animals running against static objects, the odd guy you kill will run on the spot and you may see various vehicles wheel spinning backwards and forwards but all these did was act as a pleasant
distraction from the monotony that is Farcry 3. It's also fun trying to guess what the blank blocks or the random lines on the horizon are going to be before they magically materialize as you get closer.
I could go on but I won't as no doubt you have my opinion.
I still can't get my head round why games of this caliber rate a 9.
It's disappointing that games which are totally lacking in originality, depth or challenging game-play are rated as some of the best to hit the shelves.
If everyone's tastes were the same I guess life would be boring, much like Farcry 3.