This game is like a 2 dollar burger ....for people who love cheap burger

User Rating: 7.8 | Evil Dead: Regeneration PC
Evil dead regeneration is prettly much like a 2 dollar burger. The game is by far the worst looking game of the year. The game has no revolution game design by having the demonic tranformation of "suffering" and old school's resident evil advanture -type game.

However, these factors don't lot make the game any less fun. The game is very original to the movie and offers alot of humor in the play as ASH (the dirty talking hero). Unlike alot of games that tries to be funny, this is the only game that really makes me laugh.

The control works farily well and works better if you have a gamepad to get the console experience. The dual weapon works fairly nice with saw and shotgun to effectly taking down uglies foes. And the half-deadlite sidekick-Sam works very efficient against bosses.

The developer put alot of effort making lots cinematic movie for every chapter of the game. Unlike the game, the cinematic movie are far better looking. The game also have nice voice work worth prasing. Interesting cut scenes when Ash fall off the cliffs.

This game isn't the best of action game, but it is a great game if you can endouge yourself with cheesey action and humor.