Oh My God!

User Rating: 7.5 | Elemental: Fallen Enchantress PC
This game is good. The game would be very good if it did not have so many buggs.

1. the reviewer was right about the start. You start of weak and right off the bat there are strong level monsters on the map. Most of the time I had to hit the rest button and pray that monster left me alone until i could build an army. Reminds me of a reset. I had just got some help(NPCs) to clear my boarders of monsters. The the game decided to do and event causing a large amount of bandits and monsters to appear on the land LOL it didnt go well.

2. I love what they have done. This game is not cookie cutter with random maps you will play it again and again! The combat is fun!

3 They need a weapons pack there didnt seem to be many weapons in the game. Lukily if you are good at modding they have a tool for that.

4. the game has bugs that need to be ironed out. Not a perfect release even with the recent patch there still issues : player made maps, crashes (thank god for autosave) , amd what got me the most was choosing your city the delete feature was always present first. for example double clicking your city your icon would change to a delete shovel that is not good. If you had been playing for awhile or had a lag spike you could end up deleteing things that took a while to make.