Is it really that difficult?

User Rating: 6.5 | Elemental: Fallen Enchantress PC
I saw a lot of good reviews in here. So i wont focus on the revamp the game got, since it was easy to make Fallen Enchantress better than Elemental.
My question goes the other way. Is it really that difficult to take the 1994 Masters of Magic, take the graphics to the 21st century and by god, dont change anything else? It would still get a 9.0, and by far better than any of the 4x games released since then. Master of Magic had a lot of depth, too many races, too many spells, too many variables, too many simply put everything. You got the pionner feeling when you start the map, in impossible mode it was a serious challenge, and even now i found myself installing my old copy, and playing it on Dosbox. Nearly perfect i must say. AoW: Shadow Magic was almost there (sadly it had not the depth MoM had), but since then its a disaster, and i really cant understand why.