Stardock has given us a masterpiece with this game. A turnbased fantasy game with rpg elemets.

User Rating: 10 | Elemental: Fallen Enchantress PC
Did you like Master of magic, age of wonders, Heros of might and magic and Civilization? Then this is a game for you. Stardock really did it right this time. Fallen Enchantress is a turnbased strategy game in a fantasy setting. But what I really love is the rpg elements. It has so much debt that every game is different. I love the campaign, made by John Shafer (Civilation V). But the sandbox game will give it replayability.
The game comes with great modding tools out of the box, so we an look forward to a lot of extra content from the community. There is a beautiful extension already called 'Stormworld'. The game is stable and has so many features that I know I wil be playing this for many many hours. Luckily there is a tutorial with videos and a nice manual as well as 'Let's play videos' from the community. This game is what I, and many people with me have been waiting for.