Part Fantasy TBS - part Fantasy RPG. All fun.

User Rating: 9 | Elemental: Fallen Enchantress PC
Derek Paxton, Civ IV "Fall from Heaven" modder, has guided the Stardock team to produce a well crafted game that will definitely have you playing "just one more turn".***Pluses - Lots of setup choices that allow both casual & hardcore gamers to enjoy - A very detailed manual (down-loadable PDF) and Tutorial mode to get newcomers started - Pre-made Races & Sovereigns that really use different styles or custom design your own - Built to be modded & there are some very good modders at work already - Lots of loot (magical & mundane) to be won and quests to solve - You're not just battling the other races for supremacy, the world is filled with monsters, some very nasty beasties - Random maps and the ability to select opponents gives the game above average replay-ability in sandbox mode***Negatives - Don't buy for MP, it's not there (might be added in future, no promises) - You can't craft items