Solitaire is an extremely entertaining virtual card game that is often taken for granted.

One of the first things that made Bill Gates famous was his clever invention of video solitaire. The game is actually quite simple, you simply place each card on top of the previous card with a +1 higher value and the opposite color (Red to black, black to red). The advantage to this game is as follows: it can be played and enjoyed by old people, it comes with every computer automaticaly, it works as a good mind game, no lagging, and it can be easily played while on the job or at work. People often take for granted this ingenious game as this is only the second review made for the game on Gamespot.com. This game is also the only Video-game that I can enjoy alongside with my grandparents. A very nifty little game indeed. I would suggest this game to you all, but seeing you are on this sight means you have a computer and therefore MUST have solitaire LOL.

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