Although there are a few flaws in AO2 its presentation is exceptional! Solid gunplay and great coop campaign mode!

Well, let's put it out there! How does Army of Two stack up to Gears of War? Very darn good if you ask me! Graphically, yes, Playability, uh yes, and online, well we'll get to that! Overall I think any fan of the third person shooter genre will be thoroughly pleased to say the least! The weapon choices and customization ability alone add a nice change of pace to genre! And who wouldn't love the interaction between characters, giving "props" when it's due! Or how often have you wanted to demonstrate to a partner a bonehead decision he or she has made! It's there! So to ask me, and I know Gear Gods will curse and reign down their mighty frustrations upon me, coop playability is one better than Gears! (I'm ducking and waiting for gunfire!) . . . well I'm still here to be able to say that where Army of Two does fall short is with it's Godforsaken XBox live play! I didn't know that 9 year olds could apply for internships to design servers! I mean if you are able to connect and "stay connected" you are in for a very exciting game campaign or versus! But I do recommend that you go to church before you attempt online play, because you will need those hail marys that God allows! But if your looking for the typical run n' gun death match you won't find it here. Army of Two has done something to set themselves aside from the others by giving you objectives to accomplish with your partner. Rescue hostages, defend missle silo, destroy enemy helicopter, assassinate target, etc. . .This makes every experience different and that's a good thing right? Of course it is until the end ot the match where you realize that the only way that you can continually play with someone is to set up a room yourself (after each and every match, and I do mean each and every match!) or pray that they do the same! Yeah curse the blasted executive who said that this would be "a really good idea!"
But overall I think anyone who is looking for something different to play with some friends or even by themselves should definitely give Army of Two a go! It's to me a definite "must have" in the library!!!