Greatest RPG since FFVII

FFX is one of the greates RPG's of all time. The storyline is unbelievable. The cast of charectors all bring their own talents into play. Set in the world of Spira, in the middle of choas due to an overwhelming creature named sin. Tidus, Yuna, and other members are on a pilgramidge to stop him once and for all. Sin is said to be a creature that is hear because the poeple must learn learn from their sins. The actually game of final fantasy is one of the best games i have every played. You roam around this very huge world, gathering aeons to help you in the final fight against sin. FFX is one of the most highly story driven games of all time, so be prepared to watch a lot of movies. The visuals are great though so it should not be to hard . I really dont want to give much away but FFX has a lot of things to do in the game, aside from completing the actually quest there are many other things you can do. The mini games are fairly fun, but most of the time you will spend outside the main story is getting the ultimate weapons and summons. Which are worth getting because they are the most amazing summons i have seen in any Final Fantasy Game. Overall this game is probably the best game on the PS2, if you have a PS2 and dont own this game its a shame. The only problem with this game i have is that the gameplay can seem kind of slow because eneimes dont attack back until after you hit them. Which makes it nice to think but feels slow. But other than that this game is the best game to date probably for any system.