I would recommend you add this great game to your classic game collection.

User Rating: 8.2 | Double Dragon NES
Double Dragon is a classic NES game which was immensly popular in its day... so much so that it lead to a series of sequals. There are two different modes in which you can play in Double Dragon. The first mode is called mode A. This mode is basically the story mode. You will begin this mode by choosing one or two players. After that is done you will see a guy kidnapping a poor woman. Then you go on and start fighting his dastardly henchmen. When you knock one of them down you can steal their weapon if they have one,do it if you can. You can also pick up barrels and boxes and throw them at your opponent. Before you can move on to the next part of the level you must kill all of the dastardly henchmen. If you have a weapon when you go to the next part you will lose it. At the end of each level there is a really big bad guy which is much much harder to kill. You also start off with 3 men and 0 continues. The next mode is called mode B. This is a one on one fight between two people. You may fight against a computer or another player. In this mode you get to choose who you fight as. You can choose out of six characters. Their names are Billy, Will, Rowper, Linda, Chin, and Abobo. Who ever you choose the other player will also be him or her. The graphics for this game are really pretty well done I think as this is a brightly colored game with great animation. The sound for this game is also done very well . When you are hit or hit someone you can hear it. There is also a tune playing in each level. The gameplay is great and alot of fun and would have lots of replayability I feel . I would recommend you add this great game to your classic game collection.