Could have been the perfect game.

I am disappointed. The game is awesome but I'm disappointed. How?


No need in elaborating about the good things this game has to offer - Great graphics and sound, huge interactive world, lots of quests and active npcs.

The bad things, however, should be elaborated. Let's begin by mentioning the console-compatible interface. The x-box has done it again. First Deus Ex 2, now this.
It's a shame.

Now, the lamest thing about this game is the leveling system and the extremely easy-short main quest. I actually completed the main quest at level 4! Also at this level I was the grand master of all the guilds.

Another lame thing is the money and weapons/armor sets. If you find a unique weapon don't be too happy. Unlike morrowind where some weapons and armors' values were up to thousands of bucks, here the best weapon can be sold for a mere 500-1000 max.
I particularly hate that each city has its own guard's uniform. The most brilliant thing in Morrowind was the Imperial Legion that acted all across vvanderfell and all the guards shared the same uniform - sort of a police if you will. Here, each city's guards have their own ugly uniform with gay colors and gay illustrations (Trees, moons).

But the thing that I miss the most here is the lack of quests in the Imperial Legion. In morrowind, those were the best quests IMHO. Better even than the main quest. But here you can't join the Imperial Legion and get cool quest and advance in ranks and receive new armors. It's gone.

And speaking of armor, there is a lame selection of armors and weapons (especially unique ones). Also there aren't enough clothes. No "exquisite" ones either.

All in all a good game but kinda lost it's magic once you end the main quest so quickly and managed to do it on a low level like lvl 4.